Is it a band franchise?

Now I think we can all agree that Treasure is pretty amazing. They made Gunstar Heroes which, to my mind, is one of the best run n’ gun games of its time. It had a bunch of different types of guns, silver suits, tonnes of ridiculous moves, good boss fights. It was, in short, amazing.

Titus published Realm 3 years later, and while it’s probably unfair to throw around words implying plagiarism, I definitely think they took a shot with the same formula. Run-n-gun, a bunch of different weapons, and honestly that’s about as far as I got. First of all, realm is HARD, but not in the “oh I’m sorry I jumped in that pit I’ll try to do better” way, but more in the “oh hey these torches continue to spawn little flame monsters that follow me through the level and if I kill them more come” sort of way instead. Not that fun.

So it may be kind of derivative and not terribly great, but look at the sun breaking through the trees in this screen. Isn’t that it breathtaking?

It's pretty cherry.

Sometimes makes me wonder what we’re all fighting about.