Everygame currently hosts seven authors, with the potential for more in the near future.


Angus writes the TL;DR blog, which features short fiction and essays about many things.

Mekki collects degrees like shitty wall art, and channels his OCD tendencies into interesting and important things, like gaming, bargain hunting, and chasing skirts.

Scott is playing SNES ROMs with a keyboard because his Logitech Dual Action USB gamepad stopped working and he is far too lazy to do anything about this. He feels as though his experience writing facetious reviews has prepared him to face the challenges he will meet at EVERY GAME… EVER. Holy shit wait, look at how many games we’re supposed to review! That name suddenly feels too real.

Will spends far more time thinking about and writing about games than he does playing them. He also has a proclivity for terrible typos.

Travis blogs about philosophy and literature. When it comes to video games, he’s like those scary pornstars you always avoid watching: he likes it hard and fast, with lots of bodily fluids spraying everywhere.

Tiff, when confronted with the possibility of writing a blurb for this authors page, said this: “Tiff wants Will to make something up about her.” Tiff does not look like a cartoon pilot but perhaps somewhat like the kumquat tree from Day Of The Tentacle. FACT BOMB.

Adam found us not too long ago and is now a writer. If he weren’t Australian, and he weren’t working for free, that’d basically be the American dream.

Andydiluvian has no other blog, and hasn’t told me what to put here, but he writes here, so there’s that.

Jared is brand new and I don’t really know him. I should ask him what his deal is, I suppose.



7 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been loving these reviews, and I would love to be a part of this mammoth undertaking, if you’ll have me. I don’t know if I can top Travis’ Batman Returns review, but I’ll sure give it a red hot go! I, like Angus, also write for TL;DR (assuming it is in fact the same TL;DR), but the bulk of my material can be found on my IGN Blog:

    I’m happy to provide samples if you wish, just let me know!

  2. Interesting idea, i have a question. Do you want this to be a Wikipedia thing where people can do edits and add new reviews? Your Mortal Kombat review didnt mention the difference between the arcade and console version. They are worlds apart, and the review should at least give the version in brackets or something. Kudos. Dario

  3. You punks ain’t got no guts, your reviews stink, and you make idiots of yourself!

  4. Well hello there, Piston1984! Boy, everywhere I look, it seems that no matter where you go on the internet you leave your signature trail of immaturity and ignorance behind! It is certainly quite rewarding to know that your silly comment on one of my entries was no fluke — you actually are an emotionally undeveloped, intellectually inferior, and grossly misguided human being. Kudos to you, good sir — many sleazeballs at least have the sense to try and *appear* to be a half-decent person, but you take the cake for outright blatant self-causing stigma.

    For anyone who is wondering, here is the story behind my experience with Piston1984:

  5. Yeah, he’s kind of a knob.

    This reminds me that I have to catch up on some reviews, so at least he did something useful by prompting you to comment.

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