EVERYGAME intends to write about every game ever made. While it’ll never, ever happen, and we hardly take it seriously, we are burning through the SNES library at the moment. Not the most informative read, but often an enjoyable romp down memory lane.

The point is not to give you a deep, in-depth, technical, literary, or critical review of each game (although our author are not above (or below) attempting to do this). There are plenty of websites out there that do that; myself, I’m partial to HG101 for that, or, for a more brief synopsis, Allgame. This site’s raison d’être is simply to entertain (sometimes the authors themselves, sometimes the audience). Some pieces are gags; others, simply prose written with the game as a starting point, or something touched upon very lightly. As such, if your favourite game doesn’t get a “fair” review, remember that this site does NOT review games (usually).

13 thoughts on “About EVERYGAME

  1. I started something similar to this but, alone, it’s hard to be motivated. I’ve no idea if you guys are still looking for writers but I would certainly be interested.

    Also wondering where you guys got your list of games.

  2. I started something like this a month ago, will the full intent to beat each game though (not complete, but its an option) and a friend pointed me towards this blog. Well done I must say, and if interested in what I’m doing feel free to email or check out the site. I’d be interested in tossing up a back and forth link too, or even gaining some authors to help me out. 12 down only a ton to go.

  3. Hi There,

    I am interested in sponsor one of your upcoming blog posts by placing 1 text link in there.

    Let me know if this could be something you want to try

  4. That’s sexy-sounding.

    In other news, I’m gonna link to you boys so hard, from my web site on the Internet that I have. Hard. Like, I’m talking harder than Chinese algebra.

    Just sayin.

  5. The problem with a site like this is that presumably you’re going to have annoying people point out that you’re missing games. For instance, Alfred Chicken and Cannon Fodder.

  6. i am lookin for a beet’em up game (not a scrolling one) from 90’s. i remember that characters of game are sportsmen/sportswomen (soccer player, basketball player, volleyball player, tennis player, baseball player etc…). also the characters are fightining in the streets (or school garden, i guess).

    please help, please, please, please …

  7. Hey,

    You guys are playing through every SNES game ever right now. I’m working through every Genesis game on my site. We should get together.


    PS – to the guy above, it’s probably Rival Schools.

  8. Great site guys! I just recently started a blog myself, based on a broad range of Retro topics. But even if you never actually play and review every game EVER, it’s still an ambitious and awesome idea.

  9. Hi!

    Maybe you guys can help me find a game I played alongside Samurai Shodown II for a little bit. You were a guy wearing black stormtrooper-like armor, but with no helmet, had a sword (and occasionally guns) and had to kill 2-legged mechs that looked like AT-STs but with a longer, rounder head. You had regular enemy guys to kill too (they had armor just like you did). At the beginning of the level, you were dropped from a futuristic chopper in a dark urban area and just side scrolled killing enemies until the final.

    The boss for the first level was a bigger walker, crouching and firing plasma blasts at you, he occupied almost all the right side height & length, you had to jump to avoid his blasts and fire at him or get close to slash with your sword.

    I think your character was a cop actually, but I’m not sure. It was from the 90s, resolution max 640×480.

    Following the Samurai Shodown II lead, I found Gunforce 2, which has at minute 7:44 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2KP4rjACXQ a model very similar to my mechs, they have the same art of the head, legs, and animation. Any ideas?

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