Top Gear

A driving game
I have vague recollections of playing Top Gear a lot when it first came out (before you were born). Perhaps the video game equivalent of highway hypnosis has robbed me of these memories, or perhaps it’s the fact that my brain is so drenched in various chemical “enhancements” it’s a minor miracle of science that I’m alive. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. I’m not a doctor except when I pretend to be one so I can steal hypodermic needles.

Getting back to the simulacrum of a “review” I’m currently scamming you with, Top Gear is a pretty good racing game for the SNES. It’s not flashy, it’s not complicated or difficult, it’s just some straightforward drivin’ action. The music is pretty killer, the graphics are about the best you can get with a SNES (if you don’t play many other games), and the controls are good enough that I can win races. Basically, it’s everything I could ask for in a driving game for the SNES.

Play it by yourself or play it split-screen with friends! I don’t care!

Here’s an ascii car I stole from here:

                              _.-="_-         _
                         _.-="   _-          | ||"""""""---._______     __..
             ___.===""""-.______-,,,,,,,,,,,,`-''----" """""       """""  __'
      __.--""     __        ,'                   o \           __        [__|
 __-""=======.--""  ""--.=================================.--""  ""--.=======:
]       [w] : /        \ : |========================|    : /        \ :  [w] :
V___________:|          |: |========================|    :|          |:   _-"
 V__________: \        / :_|=======================/_____: \        / :__-"
 -----------'  ""____""  `-------------------------------'  ""____""

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