Tecmo Super NBA Basketball


Honestly? What’s so super about it? It’s licensed, I guess. That’s probably a Big Deal. I don’t even know anymore.

Can I just say, for the record, that nothing about videogame basketball makes me feel any differently about what I don’t like about basketball. Like, with Football, I thought it was boring but then stumbled across Madden, had a time, and started enjoying actual football. This isn’t happening with basketball. I can’t even figure out why there are so many guys on the court or what they’re for (and, keep in mind, I like sports).

Now, if life were anything like NBA Jam, I’d be fucking on board. People getting 10 points literally catching fire. Yeah. Yes. That.


Basketball. I’m not that into you. I’m sorry. Stop throwing yourself at me. I know some people think you’re super exciting. I know some people shell out dollars to play simulated versions of you on their televisions. It’s not this guy.

I’m unliking you on Facebook (you were never liked). Don’t poke me, either.

We’re through, basketball.

I'm sorry basketball, you never stood a chance.

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