Super Widget

BBA Nightmares

You might remember widget as the protagonist of a cartoon series by the same name. It was about this cute little alien who can turn into other things or something. He was supposed to save the planet, I think. I’d go look it up on Wikipedia, but I’m afraid the entry would be so detailed that I’d find it depressing.

I know I played this game when I was young. A friend had it. I remember sort of loving it, even though it’s pretty unremarkable. You jump through brightly colored areas and collect icons. You hit baddies with (brief aside: aren’t you glad we don’t really say “baddies” as much anymore? I wouldn’t have used it myself, but I have a hard time calling a lemon with a mohawk my “enemy”) fists or spit leaf things when you transform into a bug or atlas-like underwater he-man.

“Ok, what?” (that’s what you just said)

So what I learned about Super Widget is that it’s basically a fever dream. I’m going to share a few screenshots here without any context (it’s ok, though, because there isn’t any to begin with):

Soo, uhh… yeah. I think maybe when you’re a kid you take all this at face value. “Of course the letter M turned me into a crab with a shell-hat that shoots bubbles from it’s claws, what else were you expecting?” But these days I expect a little less confusion. Sadly, as I get older, confusion is really all I have to look forward to.

Because I had this realization while I was playing Super Widget, I figured I’d make the most of things by eating a pot cookie and playing more. But then I got distracted by the way my menus scrolled around on my laptop and THEN I ate a plate of leftover chicken wings and had a two hour nap.

Lesson: sometimes life is hard.

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