Super R-Type

Super R-Type: The Game doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It’s slower than other R-Types and yet somehow manages to be even more incredulous/relentless/S&M in its difficulty. What does interest me is the mythology that underpins it.

The ‘bad guys’ of the R-Type series are known as the Bydo Empire. I say [quote][/unquote] bad guys because it is us who created them. In the 26th Century. As sentient, ecology-destroying biological weapons. It’s just the kind of hubris you would expect from humanity – we’ve always been a little too big for our britches since we started playing with atoms. So, like a kid with a box of matches, we got burned – the Bydo turned on their human overlords after a botched attempt to annihilate a foreign solar system.

But the hubris doesn’t end there! The humans ‘solved’ the problem by making it someone else’s problem – they simply shifted the Bydo to another dimension. Eventually they made their own way to the 22nd Century, where humanity’s great-great-great-great[…] grandparents were left to clean up the mess. It’s refreshing to see Earth’s problems dropped in the laps of its elderly, in a time when so many are laid at the feet of its children – but do you know what would be more refreshing?  IF EVERYONE CLEANED UP THEIR OWN DAMN MESS. Or at least lay in the bed that they’ve made for themselves. Perhaps humanity deserves its grisly fate; perhaps we’re the villains and we need to be stopped.

Future-proofing the distant past.

So what started out as an innocent bit of backstory has actually developed into an intriguing fictional example of retrocausality. Talking about the future in past tense is hard.