Super Bomberman Party Pak

Bomb up!

Super Bomberman Party Pak is just Super Bomberman with a multi-tap.  So basically, you should go read that review (it’s a good review, you guys) and then come on back. Or don’t read it. There’s no continuity here. This isn’t Ugly Betty. I’m not going to shoot a 5-episodes-ago retrospective intro on what you missed (Justin comes out, Betty quits Mode, the show gets cancelled). Not that I… anyway… look… whatever.

Let’s get this out of the way first of all. Bomberman is awesome. He’s a video game stalwart. He appeals to all demographics because he only does two things:

  1. Blow shit up.
  2. Be adorable.

And that’s all it takes. He’s an institution.

But what’s neat about the Party Pak (besides that nifty spelling, of course), is the multi-tap pack in. Have you played a Bomberman game with four people? It’s fucking amazing. You’ll hate your friends so fast. It’s basically like… if you’ve ever played New Super Mario Brothers Wii and you went from saying “nice jump” to saying “I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU’VE LOVED WITH THIS HOT POKER”… that’s Bomberman right there.

It’s amazing what we take for granted these days. When I was a kid, 4 player anything was a crazy fantasy. Even if you wanted the multi-tap your mother would go “I don’t want four of you idiots in here yelling and screaming, go play baseball or ride bikes or something”. But I wanted to yell and scream at my friends so bad. 4 player Bomberman for the SNES is basically the only reason you wanted a multi-tap anyway. And according to some nerd at wikipedia, Bomberman is the reason the multi-tap even existed.


So that’s awesome.

In conclusion, it’s great that there was a multi-tap but isn’t it also neat that now we don’t even usually have to plug something in and now also we regularly play against way more than 4 people but THOSE WERE HEADY DAYS WHERE MEN WERE MEN WHO DIDN’T DICK AROUND WITH VIDEO GAMES UNLESS THEY WERE LONELY LOSERS OR CHILDREN OR AT THE VERY LEAST MAN-CHILDREN?!

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