Super Batter Up


OK, look. I know there’s waning enthusiasm about this whole SNES thing. It’s a lot of games. A lot of baseball games. A seemingly disproportionate amount of baseball games. I think we can probably say the same thing about the last decade and World War II games, so we should maybe get over ourselves a little bit. Did you know that beach landings were traumatic? Did you know that batting order matters?

I’ll tell you one thing. If I’m going to Batter Up, you’d better believe I’m going to Super the shit out of it. That’s just for starters. See what I did there? I made a references to starters. Those are the guys that pitch first. Starters.

Not to be confused with Firestarters.

So I start up a game, and it’s pretty neat because the 1-Player logo is like a baseball guy staring down a giant anthropomorphic SNES. It was fun. I didn’t take a screenshot. And then I go to pick the Blue Jays because I would have been about Blue Jays Age when this game came out. I picked Todd Stottlemyre as my starting pitcher, which I immediately regretted because I remember him sort of sucking.

This is what mistakes look like.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when old sports games have the real roster. I was less happy about the fact that I was playing against Milwaukee (who I never think of as being remarkable in any way even though “The Brewers” for a team name in a city that loves beer is amazing) and Devon White, Roberto Alomar, and Joe Carter all struck out. And then they were awful at fielding also (except it was me, but I’m projecting my childhood on these guys and they are failing to deliver).

Look here’s the thing. A baseball game is more or less a baseball game. Some are better. I think any SNES-era game with actual rosters is great. I used to love baseball. It’s not a game for this society anymore, though. People are too impatient. Maybe if the players were tweeting from the dugout. They should do that. Man. But anyway, look, it’s baseball. It’s a pretty good little baseball game. No baseball game will ever be better than Little League Baseball for the NES. Although I guess that The Show game is something to behold. What’s important is that we all find a bag of Big League Chew and feel better about ourselves and how we aren’t all playing World War II games all the time now.

That’s what.

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