Super Bases Loaded 2

Honestly, as if having to review an inordinate number racing titles was enough, it seems baseball has been getting a bit jealous recently and is trying its damnedest to top the former category in the list of genres of SNES games that I’m absolutely sick of seeing. For some stupid reason, I tried to estimate the total percentage of titles that are baseball related the other day at a party, but trying to engage in rational thought after six tequila shots and several beers, I apparently divided by zero, mathed all over myself, and passed out in the front yard with only one shoe on and a slide ruler in my pants.

Super Bases Loaded 2 continues the franchise with more teams than its predecessor, although the number of bases and balls unfortunately remains the same. For my first game, I picked the Los Angeles Cyclops for my team, while the CPU controlled an Atlanta team under the banner of what appeared to be Sloth from The Goonies, although to my disappointment, everyone on the field looked more like normal people in baseball uniforms. The controls are somewhat easy to figure out, but three home runs for the computer team in a single inning managed to solidify my loss, with a final score well into the double digits against my team’s solid zero, something that I should have probably expected considering I picked a team whose mascot has no depth perception.

One thing of note is that on top of the standard options of playing against the computer or another person, you can also choose to “watch” a game played by two computer players. I mean, if there’s one thing I’m looking for in a video game, it’s the option to not actually play the thing. Especially when we’re talking about something as fun to watch as a baseball game. Brilliant stuff.

In conclusion, Super Bases Loaded 2 is a baseball game for the Super Nintendo, and drinking and math can lead to disaster, embarrassment, and potential physical harm to yourself and others. Stay in school, and don’t do drugs.

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