Super Aquatic Games

Super Aquatic Games features James Pond of James Pond “fame”, although the game seems pretty damn intent on calling him simply ‘Fish’.  I found this game rather vindicating as a Wii owner, both for its early use of the term ‘waggle’, and for its example as an early mediocre mini-game collection.


Appropriately, ‘waggling’ in Aquatic Games is taken to mean ‘button-mashing’, and there’s a lot of that to be done here.  Precisely, players must button-mash to run, and should they fail to qualify, button-mash again to prevent the ‘Game Over’ screen from appearing (assuming they would even wish to prolong such an experience).  By this time, you’re all button-mashed out and stand virtually no chance of out-mashing your previous performance.  I think that makes it a paradox.

If you’ve only followed the mainstream gaming press in recent times, you’ll no doubt be astonished to find that ‘shovelware’ did in fact exist before the Wii.  Super Aquatic Games for the Super Nintendo is one such example.  Looking at the spit-shine on these screenshots, it isn’t hard to see where all the development time went.  It’s not so much a videogame as it is a slideshow.  With waggle.

One thought on “Super Aquatic Games

  1. Incidentally, why isn’t Paul the Octopus being used to predict the outcomes of aquatic sports? What possible pedigree could a mollusk possess when it comes to land-based sport picks? Is it standard practice to have animals of any persuasion make sporting tips, or did some crazy bastard simply decide that an octopus, of all God’s creatures, was most suited to this task?! WHY DID THEY CALL HIM ‘PAUL’?!?!

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