Street Fighter Alpha 2

I really suck at fighting games. My strategy consists almost exclusively of jumping into range and then punching. It never works. As soon as I get within range, I get special-moved into infinity. Let me rephrase my original statement: I really suck at Street Fighter games. And so I hate them to a certain degree. But it’s only to the degree that I’m sure these games hate me.

Street Fighter games are analogous to the story of Goldilocks. In that story, the heroine, Goldilocks, puts in a lot of effort for very little return. Yes, she may get to eat the pudding and sit in the chair, but in the end she gets attacked by three angry, and seemingly anthropomorphic bears. My question has always been, if the bears are sophisticated enough to decorate a house, make porridge, and display some fairly western family values, why do they immediately go ape-shit when they see Goldilocks; they try to eat her! Seems like an overreaction, but I guess she did break your chair, little bear. The message seems to be that you can take the bear out of the woods but you’ll just make him angry. But if Goldilocks had memorized her combos…

Goldilocks can SUCK IT!

See, Street Fighter games require an enormous amount of effort for relatively minimal return. I could learn my character’s “strategy,” but I’d actually rather not. I’m just not that masochistic. Or maybe I just don’t care about the reward.

My point here is, and always has been, that Street Fighter Alpha 2 is fun in the same way murder is fun. It’s difficult, risky, and requires a huge investment. Also, like murder, it’s not fun the first time. You have to refine your technique and learn to love your tools. Once you do that, you’ll find yourself enjoying the situation. Because it forces you to persevere in the face of minimal return, it is also addictive. So the question is, would you rather murder someone or play Street Fighter? I’d play Street Fighter. What about you?

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