Soul Blazer

So I just played Sky Blazer, which was about blazing the sky I guess. But really I mostly blazed the ground because my guy only walked or whatever. I hope Soul Blazer isn't a lie in the same manner. I don't think my heart could take it.

Soul Blazer is a game where (I think) you rescue people from a dream world. I’m not sure. There was talk of a creature named “Deathtoll” who did somethings to the animals. It seems convoluted. But it’s basically sort of like Zelda. I know some people love the game though, because I’ve heard people talk about it.

I learned this from Wikipedia:

The Hero (Blazer) is the protagonist…

You don’t say.

I liked it enough to play it for about an hour or so. That’s pretty high praise considering the amount of time that goes into these reviews usually.

I didn’t blaze any souls though. That seems like a rip. I mean… I might have rescued some souls. And I guess I also killed some things that maybe had souls, so I guess I might have blazed those. But I did it with a sword. I chopped some souls. There wasn’t any fire. I guess in Japan the game was called Soul Blader. That makes way more sense in context, but sounds fucking stupid. When you stab something you don’t say that you “bladed” it. If you say that, you probably don’t have friends. You might be this guy. I hope you’re not that guy.

Anyway, I had a good time blading things. Blading them in the face. I bladed some blobs and fire things and flying peas and some monster guys. I picked up gems. I leveled it up. I freed some souls and then those people said almost nothing.

But there was an exception. One thing I freed was awesome. This guy:

I stopped playing after I freed this guy, because basically I said "well the world is clearly fixed, who cares about everyone else."


I’m so sorry.