Shien’s Revenge

Shien’s Revenge puts you in control of a disembodied ninja hand on a quest through time to rescue its kidnapped girlfriend. Unfortunately, the past, present, and future are full of an odd array of characters fixated on trying to keep a severed hand from reuniting with its loved one, so you end up having to fight them off through various eras, equipped with a just a small blade, throwing stars, and a handful of magical pink spheres.

I believe this game has a fair bit to teach us about tolerance. Before playing it, I had never really considered a romantic engagement between a dismembered human appendage and a young, fully intact woman. Admittedly, I was a bit put off at first. I mean, horror-show elements aside, the logistics of such a relationship are somewhat confusing to say the least.

Okay, maybe not that confusing really, but we don’t have to go there.

In the end though, we must learn to look past the superficial and focus on the singular truth:

That love, in all its forms, is still love…umm…man.

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