Robocop Vs. Terminator



I’m gonna cop to this straight up, because this review is super late and I have nothing to lose.

I didn’t play this game. I didn’t play it because it wasn’t easy to find it, and I’ll only go so far for my art.

But, I did watch video of it on youtube. That’s probably better, actually. If you’re familiar with the site, I’m sure you’re aware that usually we don’t get too far through games anyway. Watching a video ensures I don’t get bored, angry, and just write something out of spite.



But wait a goddamn minute. This is a game where you are Robocop, and you walk around blowing up terminators. It’s incredibly gory. There are explosions and huge guns. And platforming. If you asked a kid in, like, 1994 what he wanted to see in a video game, it was this. It is a cornucopia of violence. It is the things dreams are made of.

A crossover for the ages.


Ok, that’s it though. Really. That’s really all it is. It’s maybe good. I didn’t play it, remember? But it looks like if I had played this when I was a kid I would have been all FUCK YES.

Ok, that’s all I got.

You hear that? It’s your phone… it’s me… I… I’ve got a review.

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