RapJam Volume One

There would be no second volume.

RapJam Volume One is really the only title in the RapJam series. The concept runs thusly: wouldn’t it be awesome if all the most hip-hopular hip-hop artists in America played basketball against one another? And let me tell you, it would be. Did you know that Queen Latifa was a rapper? Did you know she was skinny? I certainly didn’t. But check this action out:

Two people destined for greatness.
Damn you, Everlast!

Remember when rappers were allowed to be egotistical? These days, all we get is Kanye. He tries his best to live up to his forefathers, but in the end he’s just a lost child, sad and alone. Now that I think about it, the mid-90s was really a renaissance for rap in many ways. These days, even rappers don’t want to be rappers. (c.f. popular culture.)

This game celebrates the rap ego. The concept is just a rap battle that kids can take part in. I watched a youtube video where a dude demo’s this game (and complains a bunch — what a douche). He makes it abundantly clear at 48 seconds that he is “NOT picking L.L. Cool J.” however much it may have appeared that way. What’s wrong with L.L, man? I guess he’s not a cool as Everlast? Or maybe he’s not as white.

In the end, this game unites two subjects that seem inseparable in the public eye: basketball and rap. Though it may be racism that conflates the two pursuits, I like to think that they are both equally driven by an individualist outlook.

The man who makes the dunk; the man who is the crunk.

What sport are you playing, America?

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