Radical Rex


I thought the word “radical” had just about died out by 1994 outside of those simply trying to be ironic (wait, has that word died?) and mock the 80’s. I guess we could have been on the cusp of phasing it out to the relics of time by this point. Either way, it still makes me think of my parents trying to sound…umm…”cool”, umm…man.

“No, I agree, your last apartment was completely wack.”

“That woman looks like a ho. You should ask her out.”

“Yeah, you’re dad is totally crunk off of wine right now…well, and weed of course.”

Thanks, Dad.

So, despite not having any children myself to make my fleeting youth all the more obvious, I still think I’m aware of which words are properly antiquated and which are, well, fucking retarded to begin with for use in conversation in any era. Words like “cusp”, “fleeting youth”, and “antiquated”, maybe.

Regardless, Beam Software apparently figured we didn’t have enough platformers with dinosaurs on skateboards, belching fire and kicking charred critters into dust. To their credit, they’re probably right, but I can’t help but feeling their execution is lacking. Partly because it is lacking, and partly because of their use of “radical”, which I still can’t get over.

I can see how they tried to cop some bits from Sonic the Hedgehog and inject them into the level design. I mean, it is right in your face. Grab a skateboard, speed through some crazy bends, then crash and start jumping around on foot again like a brain-damaged kangaroo. Unfortunately, the levels are so boring that it does little to help you get through the game without the need of prescription ADHD drugs.

And did I mention that it’s called “Radical Rex”? Fucking hell…

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