Pro Quarterback

I’m a bit scared right now.

I just gave Pro Quarterback a go. Now, I don’t usually play many football games outside of NFL Football for the Intellivision, but when I do, I usually have a moderately decent set of thoughts to take away from the ordeal. Things like “The controls might have been better if they did this…” or “Can anything be more obnoxious than canned John Madden commentary?” or “Shit, Bo Jackson is unstoppable!

From this game, though, I sat for a good minute or two thinking: “………”

It was as if the mere attempt to reflect on my experiences triggered some sort of stopping mechanism in my mind. All thinking and feeling came to an instant halt. No ideas or emotions could spring forth, regardless of how much my brain fought. I could feel them pushing, in the back of my eyes, struggling to break free of the shackles of nothingness to no avail.


Yes, indifference! This is what was occurring! An intense void of desire or opinion. It was as if a black hole of sentiment opened up, drawing in everything around it with such force that it sucked the very expression from my superlatively handsome, well-chiseled face and into the center of my skull, with nary but a peep.

I’m beginning to black out. I can’t take this anymore. I need to put my mind on something else, quickly. TV? No, I do not love Raymond!

Wait, that is a distraction, though, but…but now I’m just upset. I’m probably just gonna end up falling asleep on my couch while Ray Romano drives me crying into a pint of Neapolitan ice cream.

This is what happens when you play mediocre football games while you’re sick and haven’t had much sleep. STAY IN SCHOOL.

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