Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday

I really can’t tell you much here. It’s actually a really good looking game. The design is neat, there’s a lot of background and foreground stuff, the animation is good. There’s just not that much else there. You jump on things. Whenever Porky gets hit, his speech tic triggers and he emits a little “b-dee”. It’s kind of an unsettling experience.

It strikes me that after really sort of scratching my head on this review I don’t actually know anything about Porky Pig. The roles of the Looney Tunes cast changed pretty often, granted they had their own personality traits. Except Porky, who aside from being a generally polite and affable character, has only one distinguishing trait: a speech impediment. He’s not alone in that, Tweety Bird as well suffers from one too. That seems like a raw deal, showbiz-wise. To be an animated straight man. You don’t get any great takes, just a setup for someone else’s great works of humor. It seems unfair.

That's all folks!

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