Pinball Dreams

Ok, so I’m going to level with you.  I have about 10 minutes to review a PINBALL GAME before watching the Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game.  I don’t really care about pinball.  It’s pinball.  Digital pinball is always second rate.  It’s like it’s not real pinball.  And further more, pinball games are usually pretty low-budget and lame.  Also, as a Canadian, this game means more to me than if I had children.  If I had children and they needed my attention during this game, I would tell them that they are not important to me until the game is over.  They would learn to be self-reliant.  They would be emotional latchkey kids.

So pinball or whatever.

Mostly when I see the name Pinball Dreams, though, I think about how horrifying it would be to have a dream where you were inside a pinball machine with a giant sphere flying around… and how this all seeing overload above the sky would aim that sphere at you.  And then like, you  try to hide behind bumpers and crap but this guy above the sky is fucking amazing and you’re going to die.

So hey… uhh… I’m gonna go watch this hockey game and if you want you can go get this game about pinball because if you’re the kind of person who likes pinball games then my guess is that you’re not very picky about your games and one pinball games is as good as the rest of the pinball games.


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