Operation Thunderbolt

Bully for me, the westerly-inclined Muslim man who serves no purpose but to allow the game developers to escape allegations of racism.  Bully for me; I did it. No one could possibly take offence now! Look here: the game ALLOWS you to play as a man named Chamquar, a very stereotypically Middle-Eastern sort of gent with a turban and everything. Like Obi-Wan, he is the only hope for American life, liberty, and manly sex-moves (see Mark Davis is the Fisting Master). Good show! Oh, does the game involve mass murder? Is the game based on a real life hostage situation? This might offend someone!

S’cool! Put a white turban on Chamquar! Paint the terrorists purple (the international colour of terrorism)! Make them throw chocolate bars that replenish your health! Do, like, a Wolfenstien head thing than goes “eww” when it gets shot! Constantly remind people that this is a videogame and that we’re not trying to make any statements about anything remotely close to the real world!

Done that?


Now reward the players by implying that they get to have sex with a mysterious Middle-Eastern woman when they beat a mission. Make her look really seductive and enchanting.

How could anyone think this game is racist?

O, 1988. You wash into obscurity.


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