See you in February!

Hello, fair readers,

You may have noticed that Every Game Ever is on a bit of a break at the moment– but, make no mistake, we are hard at work ensuring that the various holes left in our backlog are completed. As such, you will not see any new posts on the front page for a little while, but rest assured the sweat lodges are still rife with hallucinogenic smoke and the sweat shops are still replete with underage, underpaid child writers delivering the best* in SNES-related entertainment. In short, don’t panic. We got you covered, friend.

Your loving overlord,

*not actually better than, say, playing them, or, in some cases, reading almost anything else on the matter! But you don’t care about this self-depreciating drivel, since you are a faithful reader, which means the site is just to your taste, and, as such, carry on!