I don't know what an Obitus is or what it does. I'm not sure the game does either.

I think Obitus is a game.  There’s controls and graphics.  I can’t really tell.  It’s sort of like a MUD/text adventure/whatever.  But less text.  Stuff is on the ground and you pick it up.  Sometimes doors open or a man punches you in the back of the head.  There’s forest.  There’s a tower.

Oh, ok.

I didn’t really get further than the forest.  I tried to navigate it a bunch of times but I kept ending back up at the tower.  So… that’s awesome.  Maybe the Obtius is the tower, and also a metaphor for Groundhog Day… and maybe that guy who punches me in the back of the head when I leave the tower is Bill Murray?  Or Andy MacDowell?  There was long hair.  Who knows?

There's some woods.