Nigel Mansell Racing

Racing games are hard to really judge objectively when they’re old, because I find it almost impossible not to hold thme up to the standards of the games that came after them. Had I played this game when it was new, I wouldn’t have had these games in my memory:

Gran Turismo, PS1.
Diddy Kong Racing, N64.
F-Zero GX, Gamecube.
Forza Motorsport 2, Xbox 360.
OutRun 2006: Coast2Coast, PC.

The last one I only played this month. It became my favourite racing game of all time. Playing Nigel Mansell Racing is, unsurprisingly, inferior. Although, to its credit, it has some of the things I love: blue skies, absurd locations, fast speeds and easy turning. Still, I cannot enjoy it. It, unlike OutRun, hasn’t been injected with overdose levels of fun in every single scab-nuggeted vein. It makes me drive those creepy, insectile F1 cars instead of bright red, delicious Ferraris. As such, I took a screenshot, finished up, and played OutRun more. I think I am going to play it again now. My imaginary girlfriend wants me to count the green cars.

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