NHL ’97

The EA Sports juggernaut strikes again, giving us another NHL roster update for you to acquire using your hard-earned ducats. I liked this game because your team stats reflected those entering the 1997 season, versus the antiquated offering from NHL ’96, which only reflected the start of the 1996 season. Unfortunately, NHL ’98 trumps this outing with an even more recent spreadsheet of names, numbers, and factoids.

Additionally, you have the option of playing alone or with a friend, which is almost always a plus. I mean, it might not be a plus if your friends are a bunch of assholes and you don’t like spending time with them, in which case they’re probably a bit closer to the realm of enemies/co-workers/family/clergy/etc. than friends. Wouldn’t make them much of friends to begin with, I guess.

Err, I…I’m sorry for calling your friends “assholes”. I didn’t really mean it.

This game also has controls. You can use the direction pad to move around, and the buttons to perform various actions. Graphics are also featured on the screen, using multiple colors and such. Sounds are played as well.

Amazing stuff, this technology…

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