NBA: Give ‘n Go

Why is there just one apostrophe? Doesn't this mean the word ends in N?

This game is narrated by your dad.

I don’t know about you, but watching sports with my dad is like listening to a narcoleptic play the bassoon for a really angry dude. Someone falls asleep while the other person shouts sporadic commands. If you want to see someone become truly emotionally invested in something, put a father in front of a sports game. Amirite? They make lots of noise! AMIRITE??

This is the style of banter the makers of NBA: Give ‘n Go were clearly going for. Let’s see how they compare to the real thing!

Situation: They scored a goal!

Real dad: Yes!!

Fake dad: Oh! Basket!

Situation: Dude’s about to shoot.

Real dad: Shooot!

Fake dad: Shoot!

Situation: Dude’s got a clear shot.

Real dad: ZOMG!

Fake dad: Open J!

Situation: Dude dunked that shit!

Real dad: Booyah!

Fake dad: Wow! Whaddya got?! JAM!!

Overal rating: Probably not so accurate. Real dad’s aren’t that ridiculously 90s.

This game is pretty good though, if you ignore the fucktard trying to act like he’s got hip-hop enthusiasm. As usual, the strategy is this: charge the net and dunk. NO ONE will stop you.