NBA Hangtime

Recipe for NBA Hangtime:

"Lays it up...GRABS the rebound!"

Preheat fan-forced oven to 220° Celsius.  Take NBA Jam T.E. and trim off any excess modes and options.  Double-dunk game in hot water; be sure to boil out any over-the-top commentary and funky music.  Drain the essence, remove game from the pot, and place in a baking dish.  Lightly drizzle with white wine vinegar and set on fire – ask a friend to assist if needed.

"That's baby-making dunking is what that is!"
Shake and bake.

Throw in a character creation mode of dubious value and roast – turning once only – until tough and rubbery.  Pepper with annoying “pass” calls.  The resulting flavour will be a muted, more understated brand of NBA Jam.  Serve alone on a round plate.  Feeds one to four people.

"With my brains and your brawn, we'll make an excellent team!"
Curry and Rice - The Ultimate Partnership.

Alternatively, NBA Jam can be enjoyed as is.

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