I never trusted people when they said they were swamped with school. I mean, how much time can you spend literally just doing school stuff around exams? It turns out, a whole hell of a lot, even if a lot of it is procrastination. I haven’t bugged writers who are late or even LOOKED at the Excel sheet in weeks. But, now I realize that, not only is the site languishing, but I am the most behind out of all of the live writers (well, tied. With Travis. That fuck.)

But, I have a game here called Musya that I was supposed to write about nearly am onth ago, so, in between not writing my paper and not studying math, I am going to play it and write about it!

Apparently you play a pikeman or something from the past in Japan, I guess. That’s a thing. It is pretty dumb. You go around piking things with your passive pike and many of the enemies, at least, from what I saw, are disembodied body parts. Some eyeballs, a lot of heads, and some vagina-type creatures that latch on to your head are there to grind down your health.

Then, there’s a boss, who is a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, as mentioned by the main character (who is probabaly named Musya), when he says “She’s… Beauti…”

That stays on the screen for about 5 seconds before she “interrupts” him and turns into a bear-dog that breathes fire. Whatever. My pike could not tame her so I gave up.

I hate that this is the first thing I have written since Kotaku linked us, but… well… sorry. I never pretended I could make myself care every single time I wrote something.