Mr. Do!

Mr. Do, you've done it again!

What’s not to love about Mr. Do!?

  • It’s a handful of my favourite arcade games thrown into a blender – Dig Dug, Pac-Man and Burger Time, to my mind – and the result is pure game.
He may not look like much, but he's got it where it counts.
  • The Can-Can blares triumphantly as Mr. Do cheekily evades his pursuers, digging cherries from the earth and dropping apples on those unfortunate enough to straggle behind.
  • Mr. Do can be successfully controlled with one hand, leaving the other hand free for sipping gingerbread lattes, as I have done for this review.
  • There’s so much to do in each bite-sized level!  And while I don’t pretend to understand much of what is going on here, it’s all so goddamn glorious.

Do it.

One thought on “Mr. Do!

  1. Without a hint of sarcasm, Mr. Do is one of my all-time favourite games. I once played this for so long that it was burned into my retinas, and every time I closed my eyes I could see it. For six hours.

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