Mohawk & Headphone Jack

The spinning...the spinning...
God that's sexy.

Headphone Jack, get it? That’s about the only thing about this game I get right now. I’ll let the screenshot do all the talking and rest my poor, fractured brain for just a little while.

Maybe I’ll write more when I can think again. Or my nearest equivalent.

3 thoughts on “Mohawk & Headphone Jack

  1. What about the fact that according to this screenshot T-Mo trademarked ‘Black Pearl’? And then Disney came out with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl? Isn’t there a lawsuit somewhere in that?

  2. Thats THQ, and Black Pearl is the company who made the game, THQ published it. Also, Black Pearl no longer exists therefore they cannot sue Disney.

    As for the game, I remember renting it several times when I was young because we had a very limited game selection where I lived and I found the game, although frustrating, very fun and refreshing. That is of course if you are a die-hard SNES platformer. It even has a Spinal Tap reference.

    That screenshot looks like a bad 16-bit acid trip though.

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