Metal Morph


Metal Morph. You are bald man in the future. You can turn into a blob of mercury-type metal stuff and go through pipes. You are shot at by enemies, who generally shoot you as soon as possible, meaning you hae no time to dodge or return fire, and you die. Often. This is Metal Morph.

The game’s central gimmick could have been far better implemented than it was, surely. The ability to turn from human form to globular comedrop form? That could be used for puzzles in a far more engaging way than it is (which is sub-Mario level “warp pipe” type stuff– you know those levels where oyu enter a pipe and actually watch Mario “move” through it, and come out in the smae level? Like that).

But there’s plenty you could say that could have been better. The character design reminds me too much of Kano from Mortal Kombat to intrigue me in any real sense (it is possible, even likely, that this game predates MK but it’s irrelevant, the character archetype was played out lnog before; I just lack the pop culture vernacular to pinpoint when, precisely, this became boring). I don’t care for side-scrolling gun games anymore. Better games have made the rest redundant. And this game is as redundant as they come.

I will be straight with you: I believe that, while we hold this time in games very dear, I truly believe that game design has gotten far better since these days. Well, let me be more specific: bad game design is far better than it once was.

To explain: picture all of the worst games on the NES and SNES and Genesis and remember how uniquely awful they were. They were often unplayable. Unenjoyable. Without purpose. Without even justification for their own existence. Fast forward to now, and think of where the dregs are, gaming-wise: cell phones and Flash games, perhaps?

Now think: when is the last time you played a mobile game worse than Metal Morph? I bet it has been quite some time. At some point, the bottom of the gaming pack moved up. The nadir is no longer as filthy as it once was.

It’s games like Metal Morph that remind me to have hope for the future. Happy Hallowe’en.

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