MechWarrior 3050

The smaller robot is a robot not long until land of wind and ghosts
The smaller robot is a robot not long until land of wind and ghosts

You have to listen to me as I say I have made the playing of many games of great robot virtue and this is such a one! In a game of Mechwarrior 3050 you are in a giant robot and have many problems!!! Such times are like when you are wandering in a giant robot and the smaller robots and automotive tanks are harassing you in great force for the reasons of deadening you! To walk away is a solution in life sometimes but not in Mechwarrior 3050 for they will chase you until the death. I have made to solutions of walking away many times but if I wander in a giant robot then maybe once I will fight back with a missile. Then a bully named Mark will not be taking all of my water in bottles during gym. He will pay with a face of missiles and blood.

As game begin you can select weapon but in wanting speed I skipped this and so had whatever I had without a select. My robot wanders and crushes the buildings of the team that is not mine. A smaller robot makes with great speed and tries to stop me so I shot him also. I did not know his name or family. I begin to cry for this is not the teachings of my father and his beatings. Then I am to picture Mark driving the smaller robot and so laugh instead. He is burning and all skin is melting from his face. I laugh!

For some time now I have been taking classes of programming for I hope to one day make a game where the smaller robot will cry out “No do not burn me my name is Mark and I am sorry for all of your water in bottles that I stole!!!” just before he is to explode. This is the dream that I now have.

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