Mark Davis’ The Fishing Master

This fish is about to be violated... up the ass.
This fish is about to be violated... up the ass.

Wikipedia lists eight sportspeople with the name “Mark Davis.” Not one of them is a quote-unquote “Fishing Master.”  In fact, none of them have been anywhere near a body of water, save, perhaps Mark Davis the English Golfer. I can only assume that this game is a result of a mistake made by the company handling the making of The Fisting Master, a game featuring Mark Davis the adult film actor who, by the way, is 7 inches tall and is uncircumcised. Oh wait. They’re talking about his penis.

Mark Davis has won many awards. In 1994 he won his first XRCO  “Best Anal Sex Scene” award for Butt Banged Bicycle Babes, which also won the Griffin Poetry Prize for naughty alliteration that year. The film’s sequel (I presume), Butt Banged Naughty Nurses clinched 1998’s AVN “Best Anal Sex Scene, Video” award, the “Best Anal Sex Scene, Audio” award going to Nanny Fran for Tapes for the Anally-Inclined.

In Mark Davis is The Fisting Master (as the title should read), there’s very little of the anal sex that made Mr. Davis the famous, famous actor he is now. There is, however, plenty of fisting. Unfortunately, most of it is done to fish, which I find a bit disturbing, but hey! Whatever works for you! The premise of the game is that you follow the very horny Mark Davis as he quests for fish to fist by fishing. That’s right: fishing!

You have several options about where you’d like to look for fish to fist. You can choose the season – Spring, Summer, Erupting Volcano, or Night, the latter being an obvious reference to Madden NFL 96 (a game featuring Night as a weather condition), and the Erupting Volcano being very inspired indeed. I chose Night, not because it wasn’t a season, but because I firmly believe that fisting is an after-dark activity. I also decided that it should be snowing, something I was sure would mean that only the hardiest fish would come out to bit the lure.

You simply cannot fist a flimsy fish!
"You simply cannot fist a flimsy fish!"

Much to my dismay, the snow only made it impossible to catch anything, let alone a hardy fish. I got so frustrated that I overcast my cast, which broke my lure and caused Mark Davis to shout, “Uhhhnuh!! Dad gummit!” something I’ve only heard him say once before, and it wasn’t when he lost a lure, if you know what I mean.

This game is pretty terrible, despite the explicit sexual fishing. If you’re looking for something similar, but better, check out Jimmy Houston’s Ass Tournament USA.