King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

Do you remember Thundercats/He-Man/Captain Planet/Transformers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

You were probably born in the early 80’s. Appropriately, that makes you the person most likely to remember every game ever.

Even the 80’s was not without its failures. Do you remember King Arthur and the Knights of Justice? Probably not. Well CHECK IT OUT. It was an animated series in the 80’s, not unlike the others we love so well, and it’s safe to assume that it was a massive failure. I have my theories.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice is about a football team (qb Arthur King) that’s on their way to the/a [big] game when they’re dropped directly into the middle of Camelot, not unlike Mark Twain’s classic novel Army of Darkness. Upon arriving they find that the kingdom is under siege by twelve warlords on bitchin’ metal steeds and that Merlin went ahead and summoned some people from the future to fight them. There are episodes on youtube probably.

But why don’t you remember it? Somebody was pitching it to a network and probably just drew a giant vertical line on a graph labeled ‘Merchandising’ and called it a day. In the very first episode we’re introduced to 26 character: the knights (OH DID I MENTION THAT’S THEIR FOOTBALL TEAM NAME?!), the warlords, Merlin and Guinevere (currently kidnapped). When I was a kid I was about tapped after moving objects and bright colors, so learning the names and defining features of each character was pretty much a reason to go get another bowl of Froot Loops.


Well I’m tired. MOM WE’RE OUT OF MILK.


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