Kid Klown in Crazy Chase

You misspelled "krazy"
You misspelled "krazy"

This game reminds me of a hill. I know you all have seen a hill, but I’ll describe it just in case some of you have missed out. A hill is a mound, only bigger; like a mega-mound! That’s what a hill is.

Krazy Klown and Kid Koala choose a hill as their place of face-off. The venue is set for a battle of Sisyphean origins.

Like Sisyphus, Klutzy Klown has a job to do. He has to get really baked and run down a mountain while avoiding all the usual pitfalls gentlemen who indulge must avoid: bombs, bushes, cannons, that sort of thing. All the while, he has to grab balloons with weights attached to him. That last bit is important; it is the point of the game. Much like Sisyphus had his big rock and his hubris, Klown has his flaming wick and shame.

Here’s where the comparison gets really apt: after Ahab gets down the hill, he has to kick a bomb. Only problem is: if you don’t have all the card suits (which are available only from the balloons floating above), Kid Koala makes his madness known! He returns with a new bomb, rigs it up, and the same bloody level repeats. If that’s not Sisyphean, then jam is not good!

Jam is good.

After you get all the card suits, you move to a new area only to do the same shit all over again.

Sexual preposition?
Sexual preposition?

Can you imagine how good Sisyphus got at pushing that giant rock after doing it for eternity? He must have been SO buff. Women must have been like, “So, how about sex?” And he would reply, “I would, but I have to continue my forever-punishment.” Then he’d go and roll that rock up that hill like it were made of woven sheep wool and he were a big tabby. And then he’d whine about how he has to do it again. And Zeus would say, “Sisyphus? MORE LIKE SISSY-FUSS!!”

The point is, the game forces you to grind a bit in order to train you. By the end of the first level, you know what’s up.

From what I have said about Ahab being Sisyphus, you might think this game is frustrating.


It’s good.

Like jam.

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