Kendo Rage

Behold her rage. Stagger away in the face of her incandescent fury. Brandish your tweezers, as her terrible wooden sword may give you a splinter.

This is basically Sailor Moon with a wooden sword.

The only interesting part of the game is the stamina meter which regenerates slowly and is depleted by using your attacks.  Fully charged, it delivers this massive energy attack; at lesser charge, it will shoot out a small beam thing; and at little or no charge, it will create a small wind slash with short range.

I was never really into Sailor Moon, and I’m not really into this game.  It’s not very good.  But it makes me wonder about game development at the time.  How many people worked on the story?  What about graphics and animations?  The engine and code?  How long did it take to make?  How intense was its playtesting?

A single person could make this game, if they had some basic knowledge of coding or even access to something like Macromedia Fusion or some other easy-to-use game making software, and a decent hand for sprite art.  It’s not hard.  It would take maybe a year, at most.  How much money was spent on this game back when it came out?  How many man hours were spent on it?  How many people bought it for $80, or even $100 if they bought it at the particularly expensive phase of the SNES’s life?

It boggles the mind, really.  I’ve made a simple 2d platformer myself.  It was really hard, pretty buggy, and had only basic animation.  I also stole the boss music from RPG Maker 2000.  It took me maybe a month of occasional effort.  Now, indie studios make much more impressive games than this and sell them for pocket change on the iPhone, on PSN, on XBLA, on Steam.  Look how far we’ve come.

Kendo Rage is boring and flat, but it inspires me in a way, because I feel like I could and should make a better game, with the help of maybe a few other people.  It reminds me that crappy games have been published, and that some nerd in his basement can turn a good idea into something better than a published game.  So thank you, Kendo Rage.  I forgive you.  Maybe you won’t be angry anymore.

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