Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run

Base and ball are equally represented
Base and ball are equally represented

As I mentioned in my review of Extra Innings, I care not a whit for baseball. I care so little for the game I’m not even bothering to discover what kind of measurement not caring a whit actually entails. I tell you this because I am the wrong person to write this review.

It might be argued I shouldn’t be reviewing video games in the first place, considering how little I play them and how little I know about them. It could be argued that the random distribution of games for review has done the readers who would actually enjoy this game a great disservice: putting this apparent peach of a baseball game in the review-mouth of the guy with no taste buds and a burning hatred for fuzzy fruit. It will be argued that I am going to take snippets of other reviews people have written about Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run and put them here so you can read them.

These heavily edited opinions are those of the various GameFAQs reviewers I sampled when I did a Google search about the game. They (kind of) represent the views of their respective authors.

Tribe Fan says:

“The best baseball game I’ve ever played.”

“The wizards at Rare…magic…rubbery batter…doll-like..fertilizer…”

“…the occasional cry of ”popcorn” and ”peanuts” makes you feel…”

“…often…results in…death…”

“…have to pay 40 bucks a year…once you finish…”

“…you’re just itching…”

Tarrun reviewed it like this:

“Over a decade old and still one of the best baseball games I’ve ever played.”

“…small white guy, small black guy, tall white guy, tall black guy, and Ken Griffey Jr….”

“…little…umpires…calling a player….balls…”

“…screw ball…”

“…weaker…balls…making contact…”

Jdude84 thinks it’s fun:

“N64 fun on a SNES game!”

“…tremendously fun…”

“…quite fun…”

“…extremly [sic] fun.”

“…very fun…”

“…great for fun!”

“…it is fun…”

“…more fun…”

“…very fun…”

“…very fun…”

So there you have it, GameFAQs reviews from 3-10 years ago don’t lie! If you like baseball and you like video games and you own a SNES or a computer and you like playing video games on your SNES or your computer and you have some time to do one of those things then you should buy or download Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run and baseball some video games on your SNES or computer with Ken Griffey Jr. The only thing I know about Ken Griffey Jr. is that he’s waiting for you to do this right now.

Incidentally, “Brutus McBain” is the best name for a person I’ve ever seen. I suspect there is no baseball player actually named Brutus McBain because he would be the most famous person in the world.

One thought on “Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run

  1. As the designer of Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run, I can assure you that the responsibility for all names – including Mr. McBain’s – rests with me. Since we originally assumed we would have the MLBPA license (and, thus, have all the real players), it was a bit of shock to find out I had to rename them all. To prevent myself from getting bored while doing so, one or two names (possibly more) are a little out of the ordinary…

    Sadly, I must confirm that there are, indeed, no real Brutus McBains in the history of baseball…

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