Joe and Mac 2

Dear _____,

As you may know, Data East receives multitudes of game design suggestions every months. We examine each candidate carefully for sound design and profitability and decency (family is very important to us, we’re certain you’ll agree). We are certainly glad to hear about your enthusiasm for our earlier release, Joe and Mac, and some of your ideas may come into consideration when we plan our future title.

It must be stressed that we appreciate the rigor of your design, sketches, and document, as well as going to the considerable expense to ship the design document to us. To that end I feel that as a Producer here at Data East I might lend some suggestions to your future designs. If you apply your unimpeachable work ethic to future projects there is no telling what you might accomplish!

First, I would suggest removing some of the many rich locations you have created for the game. Lonely huts 1-37 may not be the most effective way to market your material, especially given the lack of palette swaps to differentiate them.

Today's videogame consumer has little appreciation for repetition or metaphor, we question this addition.

Far be it from me to question your artistic vision, but you may want to consider clarifying what it is to say to the modern player of video games. The mechanics you suggest (we are especially fond of the “eating” and “spitting” abilities) are excellent and many of your platforming challenges seem appealing. There seems, however to be a fairly large amount of worm-riding challenges. I am not attempting to make any implications that may not be relevant, but this seems unusual.

You may consider using upper and lower case text, it tests with our focus groups as less coercive.

Now normally we would complete this scene and move on, but when compared to some of your later designs (fig. 421c, for example), there are some troubling similarities.

See fig. 4214 and phi respectively.
Fig. Phi

And yes, I have thoroughly read Appendix C: “On the dethroning of the archetype of the father through metaphorical castration and assuming the godhead”, and am unconvinced of its marketability.

However, we thought that your use of entertainment and education together was very clever, let me be the first to say that if you were to create more concepts like this it could do great things for the industry indeed. Many of our top speculators anticipate big sales from so-called ‘edutainment’ titles.

This is exactly what we are looking for.

We found the use of the pirahna as an obstacle while also teaching basic pirahna facts is fascinating; though it may be a good idea to remove the cutscenes you illustrate of various prehistoric animals being stripped of their flesh in record time. Keep to basic dinosaur facts and I assure you, your ideas will be irresistable.

Please feel free to submit again, but for the moment we regret to inform you we will not be able to publish your work. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Shane Johnstone


Data East

Justice League Task Force

This is a game
Where you can play as Batman
And headbutt the entire cast of the Justice League
And it's canonically okay because it's robot versions of them.
You even get to headbutt robot Batman.
Are you still here? Play this game!

*It’s important to note that I beat this entire game with Batman headbutts.