Judge Dredd

I am going to headbutt him so hard.
I am going to headbutt him so hard.

The central mechanic of Judge Dredd, beyond its fairly strong platforming/shooting/headbutting engine, is that you are judge/jury/executioner; this means you can deal with criminals as you see fit, in terms of arresting them or killing them or whatever.

What this really means is that you can murder them a little bit, such that after getting shot a few times they put up their hands and a flying justice platform whisks them away to be brutalized in prison, or you can murder them a whole lot, such that they are just entirely vaporized.

This occurs no matter what manner of violence you employ to dispatch them, so you will often find yourself headbutting a guy so hard he explodes, in a sort of blue-flash-because-we-wanted-a-lower-rating kind of thing.

The problem with the game, though, is that the background objects and foreground objects are pretty much identical, and it’s all grey or brown, and it’s extremely difficult to tell where the fuck you are or what you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go and why that fucking gate thing or whatever is still in the way even though I pushed a button that looked pretty important and was the only button in the whole place, maudit de sacrament d’hostie de caulice.