Jimmy Houston’s Bass Tournament USA

So much pain, so much suffering. So many fish.
So much pain, so much suffering. So many fish.

This is a good game. Not even sarcasm. Not even.

This is a fishing RPG. You have to try to catch a bunch of fish. That’s good news for me; I like fish.

Something I didn’t know about fishing tournaments: you don’t get to eat the fish. I always had a image of the end of a fishing tournament involving John Candy and a generous amount of tartar sauce.

No. You have to keep those little buggers alive.

Full bars!
Full bars!

After you catch a fish, he is assigned a little life meter. I have no idea how to replenish the life meter. The best way I can think of would be to hold the fish over the side of the boat while driving up a waterfall at top speed. That’d fill the little bugger with life.

You can tell this is an RPG by the amount of grinding required to achieve the goal. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a fish on every twentieth cast. If you’re luckier, that fish will weigh over a pound.

But it’s a fun sort of grinding.

The line physics are amazing. You can pull your rod all over the place like a spastic banana thief, and the line actually curls and turns sensibly.

If you cast your line into the weeds, it gets stuck there! I think that’s pretty cool, guys, I don’t know.

It’s a good game, but it’s not a fun game. It gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment, but it doesn’t give you much else.

But I could see how this game could be addictive.

You start on a small line in a small pond, and everyone keeps telling you this is the gateway to something bigger. Maybe even something better. You cast your line, you get a bite. Soon the pond opens into a lake. The fish get bigger. The lures get sexier. The shore gets further away.

Soon you don’t know how you lived over there in that small pond. There are way bigger thrills to be had over here. You cast your line, you get a bite. What now?

So this game isn’t bad. Relatively speaking.

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