Jimmy Connor’s Pro Tennis Tour

That is a high-quality face.

Bols the Dragon: I’m over here, mate!

Jimmy Connor: I’m ‘aving an ‘allucination, ain’t I?

Bols the Dragon: Too right you are!

Jimmy Connor: At least tell me where I AM!

Buls the Dragon: You’se in the future, MATE! I’m ‘ere to show you what tennis will be like in the year 2009!

Jimmy Connor: Right, then! Let’s see it!

The stage grows dark. Soon there is the sound of two children going wakka wakka at the Wii.

Jimmy Connor: They don’t move at all! They jus’ stand there and go “wakka wakka”!

Bals the Dragoon: Too right!


Jimmy quickly grabs a pen and paper and begins designing what is to become Jimmy Connor’s Pro Tennis Tour.

Later, IRL.

Jimmy Connor: What do you mean we don’t have motion-sensing remotes?!

Pinhole to Jimmy’s face, a wink, fade to black.

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