Inindo: Way of the Ninja

There is no possible way for me to be fair to this game.

I started playing and was pretty nonplussed. The last thing I need in my life is a 16-bit JRPG I haven’t already played. Even if it is about ninjas. Pretty typical setup: BROOKLYN NOBUNAGA IS COMING TO RAZE OUR VILLAGE YOU MUST ESCAPE!

Where my brooklyn heads at?

You leave the village and proceed immediately to a dungeon, where you begin your ninja training by slaying vermin. IT IS IMPORTANT. It was traditional side-on combat with a twist, you can actually move around on the field and the choice between ranged and individual attacks is tactically interesting as well.  Once you’ve done that, you move from regular rats to rats that are on fire and kill them so you can be on fire, which makes you a better ninja.

The Iga clan were renowned exterminators.

And then I recruited somebody and died.

BUT let’s not talk about the very tiny thumbnail I did play and instead focus on what’s on offer that I didn’t see. First, there’s no general party member system, you just wander around recruiting people from villages (assuming they like you, there’s a reputation system I never managed to work out, but it seemed neat). If your party member dies they reincarnate somewhere else under a different name, and so can be tracked down at a later date.

Additionally, this is set during a feudal conflict in Japan, which is going on around you, you can actually take jobs from different Daimyo and help them expand their territory with your ninja magic, which is a pretty sweet idea too. Whether or not you participate, once a month all of the daimyo make their moves regardless, there’s actually something about the world that isn’t a solipsistic cardboard standie.

So I’m gonna stop now but do so thinking of all of the awesome things this game could be with these features. FRIGGIN’ GREAT.

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