The Hunt for Red October


Hey guys, you can stop looking now, I've found it!

What, was it a public holiday or something?

What were they looking for undersea that couldn't easily be found on a common calendar?

Hmmm…I’m not an expert by any means, but I am *reasonably* certain that an experimental nuclear submarine should not to be piloted in this fashion.

Eggshells, meet Rhino.

All the stealth of a rhino on eggshells.

I thought the idea was to avoid detection by Soviet forces.  How long does Sean Connery and Co. hope to keep this up for?  Because it’s a long way from Russia to America, and they got started pretty early!

I better stop talking now before my ignorance of the film becomes glaringly apparent (too late!).  Normally, I would have read the book, watched the film, and piloted a nuclear submarine long distances prior to tackling a review of this magnitude, but I’m operating under some pretty serious time constraints here, so I’ll leave you with one final, insightful paragraph on the videogame:

This is a videogame based on a movie based on a book that Tom Clancy actually wrote.  It’s pretty crazy when you consider the status of Tom Clancy videogame licenses today (worshiped as gods), especially given that the books are now written by ghosts.

Ooh...that smarts.


4 Responses to The Hunt for Red October

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