Head On Soccer

Head On Soccer did not work as advertised. It seemed to have one simple instruction which I followed. Head On, apply directly to forehead.

Seems simple enough
Seems simple enough

Let me tell you a hard piece of plastic pressed firmly against my forehead does not help alleviate my headache symptoms. In fact it just made it worse. I decided to do some research and went straight to the most reliable source: Wikipedia. According to them, “There were no peer reviewed studies showing that the original HeadOn formula worked and the scientific consensus is that homeopathic preparations do not help beyond the placebo effect.” Well I could have told you that no SNES cartridge has the power to do anything but act as a placebo.

It’s too bad too cause I loved their other products:

  • ActivOn – described on the company’s website as a topical analgesic for arthritis-like joint pains, in multiple formulations. Additionally, the product originally named FirstOn, a topical anti-itch product, is now called ActivOn Maximum Strength Anti-Itch.
  • ComeOut – Powerful laxative. Apply directly to anus.
  • VirtualOn – An old arcade game that has since been re-released on Xbox live. Apply controller costs directly to credit card.
  • HardOn – A new male enhancement. Apply directly to flaccid useless cocks.
  • EnergON – Energy source. Apply directly to STICK IT IN MY CHEST!

On a side note when I put the cartridge in my SNES a soccer game came up. It was okay I guess.

It looks something like this
It looks something like this

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