Football Fury

Sports, I guess. By Sammy, apprently.
Sports, I guess. By Sammy, apprently.

Game like Football Fury truly scare me in respect to this site. We’re only at the letter F right now in this list (actually, we’re at G: I am doing Football Fury a week or two after its due date to make up for one of the three people who decided not to actually finish the stuff they’d been assigned. I thought I’d be above digging them for this but I am irritated). Yet, already I feel like I am running out of amusing or special or entertaining ways to talk about the also-ran who-cares sports titles. I mean, Football Fury? Really?

But that’s the point of this site. To write about every game (at least, in North America on the SNES) is our very purpose. Whether we touch on the game or not (note that I mentioned this as I’ve skirted this game so far) is why we do it. That, and sometimes, having a deadline and a topic makes it easier to write. And writing makes it easier to get in the habit of writing. And it amuses us. And it amuses others, sometimes. I’m honestly happy to see Travis and Scott writing when the moon is any colour other than blue.

I’m all digressing up in this bitch. Football Fury? Really? What is there to say? There’s football. I don’t have many football stories left. I suppose I have two, but I’ll save them. Surely I’ll hit a few more football games by the time we get to “NFL Quarterback Club 96.” What is there to say? The name has “fury” in it. Some dudes hit each other to get a ball in an endzone. Someone gets more points than someone. A player is either happy or mad. There’s a lot of green on the screen.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch a movie where someone drowns after attempting to fish for spirits using a pickle on a string. This is a fact.

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