Emmitt Smith Football

Emmitt Smith thinks he's bigger than football, huh?

Man!  I sort of wish the days when pro athletes got their own games never ended.  Bo Jackson had games, Wayne Gretsky, Emmitt Smith, Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Hull… this sort of thing just doesn’t happen anymore.  I think there’s a real market for it too.  I mean, think about it, it doesn’t even have to specifically be about the sport they played.  You could have the Pete Rose Gambling Challenge or Rick Tocchet’s Beat the Spread.  How about Michael Vick’s Canine Showdown?  You could have a Tom Brady japanese dating game called Brady Nails Another Supermodel.  Oh!  Bret Favre’s Final Retirement 2009 where you try to raise anticipation about your retirement to a fever pitch and then announce that you’re signing with another team after building a legacy mostly because you’re indecisive.

Roger Clemen’s Plausible Deniability.  That would probably be a little like the Phoenix Wright games.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

Emmitt Smith probably talks about himself in the third person to this very day.

Anyway, I’d like to review this game except I threw up all over the place during the hideous mode 7 twirling effect during kickoff.  It was pretty brutal.  It’s like that flashlight that makes you hurl.  Chunks everywhere…


Oh, but then I fumbled the ball after a big hit and my guy lost his helmet (filled with vomit) and then Emmitt Smith chirps up with douchebag commentary “Ooh! That must have hurt!”.  Fuck you, Emmitt Smith.  Let’s see you catch a pass when you’re dealing with durfnose.  Maybe they should make that a game too… Emmitt Smith’s Piss off your fans by being a Fuckface Challenge.  Or maybe Emmitt Smith’s Super Fuckface.  Anyway, it’s a pretty shitty football game compared to the Madden competition.  I’ll take John Madden’s deranged barking to this smug jackass anyday.

My touchdown celebration was to puke on my own ass. It's not important how.

In conclusion, no.


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