Elite Soccer

1337 50cc3r iz 1337.

1f j00 k3n r33d th15 3w3 r pr0lly 1337 t00 (1tz c4ll3d 1337sp33k u n00b).

t3h th1ngz w0t 3y3 d1d l1k3 4b0ut t3h g4m3z w0z 1t h4z 4ll 0f t3h n4t10n41 4nth3mZ, 3v3n 4u5tr4l145 wh1ch iz m41 c0untr33.  1tz 4l50 v3ry r33l15t1c cuz 4u5tr4l14 c4nn0t runz f4st 0r sc0r g0l3z & br4z1l c4nz.


0n3 pr0bl3m th0 1z th4t 1t s33mz t3h g4m3 1z 2 h4rd 4 n00bz.  n0t 2 h4rd 4 m3 cuz 3y3 4m t3h 1337z0r, 4 m41 515t3r wh0 1z a n00b & w0nt vs. m3 cuz 3y3 pwn h3r 4ll t3h tym3z.

1f 3w3 r g00d @ s0cc3r g4m3z (c0mput3r g4m3z n0t r33l g4m3z lololololol!!!!!!11111!!) 3m@1l m3 @ w1tn355_t3h_1337n355@hotmail.com w/ur h0m3 addy &
3y3 w1ll g0 0v4h & r0x0r j00.  th3n 3y3 w1ll LULZ.



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