Earthworm Jim 2

Pig In a Fishbowl
Pig In a Fishbowl

Earthworm Jim is a game I remember being pretty fun. It was a pretty solid platformer with shooting and absurdity and all the rest. I never did get to play the second one until now and don’t really know what to think. It’s hard to write anything dissimilar from what Travis already did, and I echo many of his sentiments quite a bit. I do think that this is an example of a situation where more is almost certainly not more. Earthworm Jim 2 sees the addition of a few things that are helpful, including your backpack mounted companion, Snott.

He can turn into a parachute which is pretty great for dealing with falling deaths until you realize that if anything hits you you go plummeting to your death Castlevania style. Also he can be used as a different kind of grappling hook than your worm whip, a decision I find perplexing. In a game where one of the most frustrating part was bits where you had to grapple around, what kind of monster would give you a second grappling hook, thus doubling the number of puzzles it uses?

Still, it’s clever in its way, and pretty fun for the time, having a couple of things that strike me as anti-platform elements. Powerups that, more interestingly than being weak or suboptimal, are in fact completely useless. The bubble gun is one. A boss fight is set up at the beginning of the first level that’s completely anticlimactic, you defeat him by pulling him from his fishbowl and eating him. A WORM EATING A FISH? HOW DELIGHTFULLY ABSURD.

After this level of madness and irreverent, you’re given the opportunity to relax by making a cow say groovy a whole bunch of times. How sweet is that?! Then there’s a level where you have to rearrange it by shooting the dirt, changing the shape of the level and digging tunnels and things, also pretty sweet.

Then my emulator legally purchased copy locked up so I didn’t get to see more.





One thought on “Earthworm Jim 2

  1. Definetly a great platform game. I agree! I would like to remember also the first episode, Earthworm Jim that gave birth to this action platformer series.

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