Doom Troopers

This guy is totally not a Space Marine.
This guy is totally not a Space Marine.

Doom Troopers is based on the Mutant Chronicles pen-and-paper RPG.  If you’re anything like me, you will vaguely remember a couple card games and maybe some miniatures games with the Mutant Chronicles logo on them, and wonder for a moment what it was before returning to productive use of brainspace.

There were also a few novels, some video games, and several other miniatures games, and even a movie this year.

Mutant Chronicles, created in 1993, is basically a cyberpunk/steampunk version of Warhammer 40 000, which was created in 1987.  Earth has been plundered for resources,humans have moved to the various planets and asteroids, and five giant megacorporations rule the solar system.  While continuing with the aforementioned plundering – you’d think they would have learned – they come to a tenth planet, which is strangely inhabitable, and accidentally disrupt the seal of the Dark Legion, which consists of five Dark Apostles and their horrible teeming mutant hordes.  They warp in using wormhole technology and bring with them the Dark Symmetry, which conveniently makes electronics and computers stop working, and now everything is powered by steam and gunpowder.  Or something.  I don’t know how the spaceships work.  Presumably they are not powered by steam.

Humanity desperately fights for survival, etc etc.  A fanatical religious order of tough dudes in bulky space-armour is founded to fight the Dark Legion, and they’re called the Brotherhood.  Apparently there’s magic and stuff too, called “the art.”

The extent to which ideas are ripped off from other ideas is always amazing, but in sci-fi and fantasy where you can literally come up with anything you want to put in your world, and you just copy someone else – I don’t know what to say.

Actually, I’m not sure if WH40k took on its classic Space Marine look right at the start, but somebody did some copying here, so I’m still right.

Anyways, say what you will about the lack of originality, but the Mutant Chronicles games in all their forms are apparently decent.  This game certainly is.  It’s hard as balls, but that’s the SNES for you.

This game is basically Contra, which is a good thing, with the following changes:

  • You can take ten hits.
  • Enemies can take ten hits.
  • You can’t see your own bullets.
  • You have a melee attack.

It ends up being even more challenging than Contra because you tend to get hit a lot while gunning down enemies – and sometimes their heads pop off and they start shooting blindly while still standing, because they’re horrible mutants, see.

Final verdict: there is something tremendously satisfying about holding down the A button and just seeing your assault rifle light up with a chk-chk-chk-chk while the mutant in your sights violently and explosively disintegrates into blood and guts.

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