Darius Twin

Self-Flagellation: THE GAME
Self-Flagellation: THE GAME

This game is brutal. My first attempt to play it lasted, without exagerrating, about 20 seconds. That is how long it took me to lose 3 lives and reach the game over screen. My second attempt was much better: about 45 seconds.

I’m not bad at shmups. I love them, in fact! This one is just fucking mean. As such, I have decided to give it an incredibly short review, not due to laziness (although that informs many of my decisions) but due to an overwhelming feeling of spite.

Darius Twin. If you’re heading out of the house on a Friday night nad only have three minutes to do something that’ll make you feel bad about yourself, check this asshole of a gmae out. It has flying fish ships!

More like "review over," douchebags
More like "review over," douchebags

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